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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit Thailand ?

Generally speaking, the best time to visit Thailand is from November to February. During this cool season, the temperature ranges from 18ºC to 32ºC in Bangkok and a little cooler on the Islands. The summer period, or hot and dry season, is from March to June. At this time temperatures in Bangkok average around 34º C. but can often be higher. It is generally cooler on the Islands . April is the hottest month. From June to early October is the monsoon season when most of Thailand 's annual rainfall is accumulated. The humidity averages just under 90%, with temperatures averaging around 29º C in Bangkok . The monsoons finish when the wind direction changes, bringing dry weather from the northeast. At best this season can be described as unpredictable, not the constant downpour of rain like you would expect.

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How do I Get to & from Koh Mak

See our Travel Page. If you are traveling from Europe an overnight stay in Bangkok is recommended unless you arrive early morning and travel directly to the Island . On your return boats leave the Island from Early morning to the mainland, you can then take a taxi to Trat Airport or to the Bus station for the journey to Bangkok. Private taxis can also be arranged to Bangkok from your resort or from the Information center.

Is a fan room ok, or should I budget for Air Conditioning?

If you're traveling in the steamy heat of March to May and you have not acclimatized, air-con can be invaluable and is worth the extra few hundred baht. On the islands, air-con bungalows tend to be a bit bigger and are sometimes better looked after. But still, there’s nothing quite like snoozing on your bed with the windows open and a light sea breeze washing over you.

Is Thailand safe?

Like anywhere in the world, Thailand has thieves. Robberies happen but mainly in the larger towns.  In general you will be safer in Thailand cities than big cities in Europe . In Koh Mak crime is almost unknown. The golden rule is don't take anything out with you that you can't afford to lose, and keep copies of all important documentation such as your passport, credit cards and travelers cheques. Thailand has many poor compared to the west so don't flash your money about as you will be seen as a walking bank. Most guesthouses and hotels offer safety deposit boxes. Use them.

Are credit cards accepted?

Not at most places on Koh Mak although a few resorts will give you cash on your credit card for a fee. There are no banks or ATM's on Koh Mak. Best to top up your cash before you leave the mainland. In most towns & cities in Thailand ATMs and Banks are in abundance. Cheap to medium-priced guesthouses and most cheap restaurants will not accept credit cards. Pretty much everywhere else does.

What should I pack?

Essentials are Passport with minimum 6 month validity left, Travel insurance, Blood donor/type card, Details of your next of kin, Prescriptions for any medication you require. Also it is a good idea to take a copy of your passport. Bring just a few changes of light weight clothes; you can get your laundry done very cheaply in Thailand . In the rainy season bring a lightweight raincoat. In December to February a sweater as it can be cool in the evenings. Insect repellant and sun lotion are a good idea. Travel Light! If you forget something you should be able to find it cheaply in Bangkok . If you bring your mobile you can buy a local Thai sim card at very low cost.

What amount should I budget for? What are prices in Thailand ?

That depends on what activities you plan during your stay. On Koh Mak eating out is much cheaper than anywhere in Europe ; you can expect to pay anything from as little as £2.50 equivalent for a main course with rice, and a beer for around £1.50. Motorbike rental around £6.00 per day. A days diving with all equipment and lunch about £40 or a boat trip snorkeling for the day with lunch for under £15.00

Should I bargain for everything?

No. If an item has a price tag then you're not expected to bargain, nor are you expected to bargain in a restaurant. In markets, bazaars and small sales outlets where prices are not displayed you can bargain. You should also agree a taxi fare before embarking on a journey. In Bangkok there are meter taxis but always make sure the meter is on before your journey. When arriving at Bangkok airport if you don’t have onward travel arranged you can either take the shuttle bus to the Bus station where there are regular buses to the town center or to Trat for the journey to Koh Mak. If you take a taxi go to the Taxi rank outside the Terminal where they will give you a fixed price to your hotel. Avoid the touts inside who will offer Taxis at extortionate prices to unsuspecting tourists.

What are Thailand 's visa requirements?

Tourist Visas for UK Citizens and most western Europeans are currently issued on entry for a maximum stay of 30 days. If you plan to stay longer contact your local Thai consulate for current regulations as the rules change regularly. Information for UK Citizens can be found at the Thai Consulate Website.

Will I have language problems?

Most Thai’s working in the Tourist Industry speak reasonable English. The younger generation mostly learn English as a second language so you are never too far away from an English speaker.

What if I am unwell in Thailand ?

Health services are very good in Thailand . Hospital care is inexpensive and legal drugs are available without a prescription. On Koh Mak there is a medical Center where basic ailments can be treated and medication can be administered. Having said that you should always take out travel insurance.

 Do I need anti-malaria medication in Thailand ?

If your doctor says you need malaria pills to travel to Thailand , get a second opinion. Malaria is generally restricted to remote border areas. Cases do appear now and then but, if you exercise care and commonsense, you can minimize the chances of catching it without purchasing expensive medicines and risking their bad side-effects.

What's the food like in Thailand ?

Thai food is one of the highlights of your visit to Thailand . In Bangkok and other cities Restaurants are everywhere, and prices for an average meal in Thai restaurants are around £2.50 and upwards. Of course you can pay a lot more in high class hotels and touristy places. International food is also available, and Bangkok has many branches of McDonalds, Pizza Hut etc. These are more expensive than Thai food, but still relatively cheap by western standards. On Koh Mak you will find a few Restaurants on the Roads and all the resorts have restaurants, some offering beach barbeques.  

What kind of entertainment and nightlife is there in Koh Mak?

Not much!  Koh Mak is a Family Island without the types of entertainment  often associated with Thailand .  If you want Nightclubs, Beer Bars and the like you would be better off in Pattaya or Phuket. Having said that there are some resorts that have live musicians on the odd night and also beach barbeques etc.  

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